There are many reasons why we stand out from other debt consultants and debt counsellors,

and there are many factors which make our debt counselling, debt consolidation different. Some of the reasons are:

We do not operate a call centre,
where the consumer is often shunted from one department to another. Our communications are mainly on a one-to-one basis and treated with confidentiality. We do not sell a product, or entice any consumer to buy into our ‘products’, but instead we render a professional service.
Unlike most debt counselling,
we do not offer only one option for persons who find themselves over-indebted. Every situation is different and must be treated as such. For instance, whilst a debt review is one of the preferable options, it is not suitable for every consumer, especially when the creditors have already commenced with legal proceedings against the consumer.
Our director and Debt Counsellor
is also a practising attorney with 17 years of experience as an attorney. We are thus not stumped by any curveball that your creditor may throw at us and we know YOUR rights. We also have a network of competent attorneys throughout the country. We can also help with debt consolidation, debt review and debt clearance
We do not entertain false advertising or misleading promises.
We will not mislead you into believing that your debt is going to go away overnight, or that you can reduce your instalments by 50%. Again, we take each case on its merits as we do not believe that you are a sausage going through a sausage factory.
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