Statutory Debt Review

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Statutory Debt Review

Legally recognized and highly regarded by many low, middle and sometimes even high earning South African consumers, Statutory Debt Review has proven to be an effective debt relief solution over the years, designed to aid individuals in their struggles toward overcoming debt and debt related consequences for good.

Statutory Debt Review has been recognized by South Africa’s National Credit Act (NCA) as a successful alternative to overcoming issues, often resulting from late or missed payments to one or more creditor, which can have life altering consequences. For some, the overwhelming response to facing unmaneagable debts can lead to premature measures such as sequestration, which is not always necessary. When undergoing Statutory Debt Review, our professional Credit Rehab team will guide you through all the steps and work with you to attain positive results in the best possible time frame.

Our insightful and experienced Credit Rehab team have worked with many clients over the years to ensure the best approaches are followed. No two clients are the same when it comes to their financial requirements, basic living expenses and monthly money related concerns, which is why our approach is geared towards you and your best interests, both during and after the Statutory Debt Review process. When facing a mountain of personal debts, many consumers feel helpless and unable to progress, which can lead to depression, poor work performance and strain in the family home.

At Credit Rehab, we ensure that our clients not only recognize their destructive money habits, but are also more well equipped to handle the debts that lie before them. Debt Review is a statutory process that allows consumers to gain control of their finances, while still honouring all existing debts and paying back their various creditors fairly, in accordance with a newly outlined debt repayment plan. As part of our Credit Rehab Statutory Debt Review service, our financial consultants will negotiate lowered monthly installments with your creditors on your behalf, that will be better suited to your finances.

For many, one of the major stresses that result from all their debt is the regular and sometimes harassing phone calls from creditors and debt collectors, demanding payments and threatening consumers with asset repossession – while undergoing Statutory Debt Review, consumers are legally protected from any such calls, as long as they adhere to the arrangement and continue to pay back their debts as restructured. For many, debt creeps up and can quickly prove to be too much, especially following the loss of a job or taking on unexpected financial responsibilities that can include medical bills.

Our Credit Rehab team put you first and understand that a long term solution to financial resolution requires patience, effective planning and complete commitment. We will assist you with any questions or concerns before, during and after debt review, in order to best equip you for the process and its numerous benefits. Our Statutory Debt Review service is completely transparent, meaning that you can trust the process and begin to look forward to a life free of debt. Find out how we can help you today!