What Makes Us Different

Learn what makes us different from other debt consolidation companies

What Makes Credit Rehab Different

Very often a company will only be able to assist with one product or service, like debt counselling. The National Credit Regulator (who regulates Debt Counsellors) have issued a warning to Debt Counsellors not to participate in Debt Mediation (Circular No. 13 of 2014) and any Debt Counsellor who accepts direct payments from consumers for Debt Mediation runs the risk of having his or her registration terminated. It is also a huge risk for a consumer to pay any third party an upfront fee for services to be rendered, where such funds are to go into an account that is not regulated and protected. Our services are not limited to debt counselling, nor do we fall entirely under the auspices of the National Credit Regulator and much of our services are attended to by our attorney firm. We give the consumers options, and we encourage them to
make informed decisions.